When disaster strikes the tiramisu...

...you still share on it on your blog. Ah, for shame, trying to hastily prepare something that should be put together with the utmost attention. I promise I'll share the recipe (a good one) when I get it down right next time. There are so many little persnickety things that can go wrong with tiramisu -- all those raw egg yolks, cheese, acidic citrus, and so on. Not to mention ladyfingers that either soak too much or not enough coffee and then you've either got mushy or crunchy tiramisu, and nobody wants that. :(

This is what it should look like (mostly successful previous attempt):

...and this is what the latest attempt actually looks like:

BLUH. How does one manage to make a dessert that looks SO TERRIBLE? A curdled, soppy mess. It doesn't taste half bad, but it's nothing to be proud of. And I'm only sharing it because it should be well-known that tiramisu is not a dessert to be trifled with! ;)

So... here's to getting a ton more eggs and mascarpone and hoping attempt number 2 works a little more in my favor. I'll make sure not to walk away from the mixer this time. For any reason whatsoever!

Soundtrack to this dessert-making adventure: I Am Kloot's album
Sky at Night.

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