The little things.

Not very often, but occasionally, I like to go to antique malls and just wander. Never with the intention of finding anything specific -- how can one expect that in those places, really? There's always so much stuff, ranging from what is essentially junk to high-end furniture and jewelry. It's cathartic in a way, and if you go in without any expectations, anything you find can feel like a treasure.

The other day I went out to a couple local antique places with mom, and I managed to find a few things, among them being simply the most gorgeous periwinkle glass teacup and saucer. It's square! It's such an amazing color, and the glass is so milky, that when it sits on my window sill, it nearly glows.

I love it. It was $4. I'm sure I've never loved a teacup so much in my life. ;)

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