25th Annual Best Friends Gourmet Bike Tour

We (mom and I) were probably 75% sure we weren't going to go biking today, because the weather was supposed to be really crappy. Isolated thunderstorms and humidity... ick. But then it turned out to be a lovely morning, and we geared up and went after all. 25 miles through rural Wisconsin for the 25th annual Best Friends Gourmet Bike Tour, which benefits the Best Friends mentoring organization. We did it last year, too, but we definitely made better time this year, even though it was hot. The sun and heat wiped us right out!

Check out my newly-taped handlebars. I love the red. ;)

We're really glad we went. And of course, it's always great to look forward to a big meal afterwards!

And on the topic of food, I had my very first ripe tomato to pluck today:

The flesh was sweet, but the seeds were a little sour. This might be a good sauce tomato. A bunch more are about to turn, so I'd better start preparing some good tomato recipes! ;D

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