Sunrise, 13 July 2011.

This morning's sunrise was lovely. And not that I actually watched the sun, but I witnessed the sky lighten and the cool evening air begin to warm. Sunrise has a magical quality in it that I've never been able to find in sunsets, and though it may be because I see sunrises so much less frequently, they never cease to put me in a place I am happy enough to be.

This morning's was no exception; I wandered around one of my favorite neighborhoods in the area, where I've been known to go on my bike in the past to check out the unassuming yet well-to-do old houses along these narrow, winding streets with their awesomely imperfect landscaping -- so imperfect that it is perfect in every way. Some of the residents use the bit of lawn between the sidewalk and the street curb to plant vegetables -- numerous houses had gigantic tomato plants growing just off the street. Some of the flowers were just astounding in the dewy morning light, and everything felt bright and optimistic today. Some of the houses sported lackluster paint jobs while others were kept up extraordinarily well. Ancient coniferous trees hovered over some of the houses' petite matching garages and narrow driveways, and I wanted to crawl through all of their yards and the ravines behind and see what there was to find.

Alas, that would have been trespassing. ;)

I am sleepy, but today did me good.

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