We've got tomatoes!

The past few days have been been a tomato plant's dream: a little bit of rainy, a little bit of sunny, and humid. In the middle of the day, I think my deck, where my container garden is, gets pretty hot, so the tomatoes are just going crazy. Which is good! And when I checked recently, I found the two first little tomatoes beginning to fruit. Hooraayyyyy!!

Hello, little tomatoes. Welcome to the world.

They are both on the Dr. Wyche's heirloom, so I'm still waiting for the other two to catch up, but hoping for plentiful fruits!

I threw some old lavender-colored alyssum carpet seeds in a planter, too, half-convinced that they wouldn't flower, but I guess the seeds weren't too old. They're looking pretty, too.

Now.. I've got some beautiful locally-grown asparagus that's waiting to be either a) roasted or b) grilled. I'm leaning toward a roasting recipe from my favorite food television personality ever, Ina Garten, but we'll see... Mostly, it'll come down to the fact that I'm a total grilling novice and don't even have any charcoal as we speak. Easiest method will most likely win out.

P.S. Jane Eyre was amazing. I've seen just about every other version, most of which disappointed me. A couple were okay. But this one shot wayyy up to the top of the list. Way up. Both the leads were incredible. It was so great, in fact, that I'm headed to the theatre once more tonight to see it with my sister, who is sure to love it as well. I have to admit, I don't think I've ever gone to see a movie twice in two nights, but it helps when admission is cheap (mom and I paid $3.50
together for admission last night!! You just can't beat that).


  1. Hi Katie! You're Mom said to stop by. I'm quite envious of your little tomato and its potential. Ours plants have had a bad spring and are a couple of weeks behind yours.

  2. Thanks for stopping, Margene! I think a lot of plants were a little touch-and-go this spring.. Hopefully they're recovering and you get a good turnout soon! :)