Best French toast EVER.

Mom gave me some farm fresh eggs today, and they are blue! So lovely!

So I found myself with half a dozen little eggs and some seven-grain honey bread that I can't stop eating. I decided to put the two together and make quite possibly the easiest breakfast food ever: French toast. For dinner. :)

It was the best. Two thick slices of bread, one little egg, and a frying pan with a bit of butter. And the key is that the bread is sliced real thick. An inch or so. Hefty. How come I never thought to make French toast before? --then I realized, I just haven't had this caliber of bread sitting around. Honestly, I don't eat a lot of bread. But when it's good, I can't stop.

Topped it with some maple syrup from my uncle. Best dinner I had all week. Ha!

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