Cool June.

It cooled off immensely during the night, after the front moved though. We dropped from 90 degrees (and over) yesterday to mid-50s all day today. Although with skies like this...

The storms were mostly south of us, so I was able to watch the lightning from my back porch, looking over the roofs of other buildings in town here. The light spot in the middle was a really hot spot for lightning at that moment; this was right at sunset when everything was cast in a really bizarre orange-yellow hue, and then suddenly all was dark as night finally enveloped it all. It was gorgeous and a little scary; that's the magic of storms. <3 nature. ;)

I may have been lamenting the loss of cool weather a little too soon, although I love cool weather. Mid-50s and 60s are perfect in my mind; sweater = yes! No sweater? You'll survive. But more than that, cool weather invites tea-drinking. It's not very fun at all to brew up a cup of tea when it's 90 degrees outside, is it? Air conditioning or not, it's still hot and sticky. But today...

I brew loose-leaf Irish or English Breakfast tea in an individual strainer/teapot that actually serves up quite a bit of tea. I used to drink a lot of tea, than switched to coffee for a while, but a family vacation taken to the UK this past winter obviously set me up for some pretty serious tea-imbibing. After finding the greatest little tea house in London (there are several!), Teapod, and going there daily while I wound up my stay in the city, I bought some of their house blend black tea and fell. in. love. The closest I've been able to come here in town is Fava Tea Company's Irish Breakfast loose leaf tea.

And sipping it while streaming the new Bon Iver album via NPR?!? Check it out! Everybody is doing it! It's a fantastic, fantastic, fantastic album. Just amazing. I can't stress enough how much the pre-release streaming features on NPR ROCK MY WORLD. <3 you NPR.

Have a wonderful night!

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