The signs of summer.

Well, it is June, isn't it? I realized that today is a good benchmark day for determining that summer has officially arrived in Wisco. The kids are out of school for the summer, it's hot, my air conditioner is in and on (for chinchilla more than me; the poor thing would have a heat stroke if it got any warmer than this), and maybe the most telling sign? The vast quantities, shapes and intensities of sunburn! I have to admit, I burnt a little myself about a week ago, although it has now faded into a very-very-very slight tan and a new layer of freckles. We redheads tend to get those...

Another wonderful, beautiful thing is the extent to which my tomato plants are loving life!

I bought three different varieties of heirloom tomato at a garden sale in early May. Dr. Wych's Yellow, Black Pineapple, and Thai Pink Egg. They were itty bitty little babies and now they are growing right up, a couple showing buds already.

I couldn't be happier; this is the first year I've tried growing vegetables in containers. The closest I got was a basil plant last year, which of course I did again this year (times two!), but it was definitely time to put my deck space to good use. I can't wait to see what happens.

Yes, that is a Trader Joe's shopping bag! Truth be told, I was short one potting container, so I grabbed an old plastic shopping tote, poked a bunch of holes in the bottom, and filled it with dirt. So far, so good. I'm not sure it's recommended by Master Gardeners or anything, but... ;)

Happy tomatoes. Happy summer!

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