Summer solstice.

How am I going to celebrate the summer solstice? Well, it's raining and a little thundery out, so I'm going to go enjoy the Mia Wasikowska/Michael Fassbender version of Jane Eyre, which mysteriously skipped our local first-run theatres and went straight to the budget theatre. And quite possibly the best part about discovering this today is that Tuesdays at this particular theatre are $2 Tuesdays! Can't beat that. I've been waiting and waiting to see it -- Jane Eyre definitely falls within my top ten novels (although that list is getting harder and harder to keep straight).

Plus, I think Michael Fassbender is hot:

And Mia Wasikowska pretty much defines understated gorgeousnessnessness:


I've been working hard. I went through a bunch of old local news station footage from the late 60's at the museum the other day. How many times can I say awesome before it gets annoying? Okay, only once will suffice: awesome. For three hours I watched mostly silent news footage, some of it so out of context I couldn't really figure it out -- everything from decorative mailboxes that were apparently vexing locals to drainage problems along new roadways to a civil rights demonstration at UW-Oshkosh. I've been viewing this opportunity to watch all these old news reels with a real sense of appreciation; when would I have ever sat down and seen this stuff otherwise?

Yesterday I managed to whip up another batch of cornbread, which I've been selfishly enjoying immensely. I also accomplished wrapping new cork handlebar tape on my Trek by myself for the first time ever.

And while it has been wet and a little dismal outside, the plants are loving it. All of my flowers just freaked the heck out.

Happy summer!

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