Summer is so close!

Just look at those. I can't stop gazing lovingly ...and snacking ravenously. ;)

Today, I went to work at the bookstore for a craaaazy Memorial Day Sale day. Afterward, I stopped by the grocery store to pick up some buttermilk and oil for an upcoming rhubarb cake (tomorrow morning?), and I found some watermelon and those irresistable blueberries. I could eat the whole pint tonight! But I won't. I don't think. Maybe.

I stopped over for a quick dinner of burgers on the grill at nana's house, where I managed to chug two glasses of chocolate milk in quick succession. What is it about chocolate milk that makes it so chuggable? It has become a staple of any cookout. I seriously order chocolate milk at any restaurant where it is available. I could be out to a Mexican restaurant on half-price margarita night, and I'd still probably order the chocolate milk. Probably.

I was so relieved to sit down after getting home. Not to mention that my CD-rom drive in my notebook spontaneously began to function properly again after the whole computer took a nose-dive off my desk a couple of months ago onto my terrazzo floor. I'm fairly certain there is a blank CD stuck inside my computer, though, which I thought was the source of the problem, but maybe some elves came and got it out for me. Or else... who's to say. If there is a CD stuck inside my computer, I supposed it is permitted to remain there as long as it doesn't mess with my
Frightened Rabbit!

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