Epic take.

Wow, you know? Today was a day for the books. One of those, gee, I didn't think it could be so good, but LIFE IS SO GOOD.

I'm getting ahead of myself. Here's my day. And more will inevitably spring from what I found during my short escapade:

I had grand intentions of thrifting all morning, which is hands down one of my favorite ways to spend a day off of work. But while at stop numero uno, my mom called and said that she and dad were headed to an architectural salvage place, and would I like to come along? I'm fairly sure I gasped in response -- of

I guess I thought they meant an architectural salvage place here in town, and I was a little confused when we got on the highway and started very clearly heading out of town. To Berlin, Wisconsin, it so happened, and in Berlin, Wisconsin did we find the. coolest. ever. salvage store. It's called Saving Grace Salvage Company, which sits in an old foundry building just off downtown. Floor to ceiling on three levels are windows, drawers, chairs, hardware, paintings, antiques -- an entire bookcase of typewriters!! --and just about anything one can imagine. Farm implements and jewelry, benches and planter boxes, you name it. Heaven, is what it's called. I left with some items that are bound to, in some incarnation, make it onto this blog, such as a small, weathered, wooden crate, various mason jars, the cutest-ever tin recipe box from the '50s, and a teapot..

From Saving Grace, we found a drive-in burger stand called Shepard's Drive-In, where we enjoyed delicious burgers, onion rings and mushrooms (fried mushrooms are an obsession with me lately). Oh, and chocolate malts, can't forget those! Delish to the max.

From Berlin we drove eight miles down the road to the vacation town of Green Lake, although the downtown was smaller than we anticipated. We did stop into a couple of small shops and took a look at the lake around which is green. It was quiet for a vacation weekend Saturday, I thought, but that was okay. Quaint and very Wisconsin, and we meandered through some residential lakeside streets to check out what the architecture was like. As might be expected, my envy meter was high, but my adoration for cute houses was higher.

Late afternoon called us back home where family waited at my nana's house for brats and steak on the grill, homemade bean-and-bacon salad, fruit salad, and just-out-of-the-oven rhubarb cake. Ugh.

We enjoyed dinner outside on this clear, mosquito-less, cool evening. Does that sky not just totally sum up how a summer evening should look?

I have two young cousins, brothers, who are nearly-four and five. The youngest performed a constant, repetitive rendition of the Ludacris bit in Justin Bieber's song "Baby." The eldest was inexhaustible at playing catch. My sister's new puppy, Charlee, joined us and amazed everyone at her astoundingly calm behavior. Having my whole family there was beautiful.

Forget-me-nots in full bloom.

I brought home a handful of amazing rhubarb, so expect a tart/pie/cake soon!

After dinner, my sister built a lovely fire in my parents' backyard (woods) when darkness curled in, and it turned into a lovely way to wrap up the evening. I'm exhausted, but the picture of content. Goodnight!

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